Suzanne, Amsterdam

In this series, Joko portrays people from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds, giving us a peek inside the places where they find peace and joy. Today, Suzanne Knip-Mooij opens the doors to her intimate apartment in the West of Amsterdam and shows us around. Upon arrival, Suzanne immediately puts the kettle on for some tea – a gesture we very much appreciate considering it is December and not more than five degrees outside. While she puts the fresh Delphiniums she bought earlier on the flower market in a vase, we walk around the apartment she shares with her husband Tim.

Everything in Suzanne’s home feels warm, light and uncluttered. From the beautiful embrasure to the charming Blue Russian named Silke. Although the cat seems to sort of go with the fixtures, she ended up with Suzanne in a rather inorganic way compared to other ‘things’ in the house. While things usually find Suzanne instead of the other way around, she really went looking for Silke. She wanted a cat that could stand living in a small apartment.

'Gathering items' is not the way to describe how Suzanne selects her interior pieces. It's more safe to say that her interior is a collection of things, that are either heirlooms from friends, unique finds on Marktplaats or gems from small boutiques such as Restored. What they have in common is the way they catch her eye and allow contemplation.

Because of her background in Art and Philosophy, she is trained to savour this particular moment without always giving in to the desire of owning the thing.

She treasures the relationship she has with every object: “Every thing is a prism that yields a new perspective on the world, we just have to be open to this quality in our everyday lives”.

When asked about her interest in Theatre, Suzanne talks animatedly about why this form of fine art rings so close to home. “Performance and theatre take you out of your filter bubble, make you experience something outside of yourself. At least, that’s the ideal. You need to feel at ease with not knowing what’s going to happen, with letting someone, or something else talk for you. There’s always a direct chance of failure, of miscommunication. But then, when you let go, it molds your experience like nothing else in the world. It’s alive. You’re with it, you’re together and it works.”

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