Red & Rose valley, Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkey is home to a wide variety of stunning landscapes and geographical wonders. This summer, the country sparked our wanderlust with one of its natural wonders: the dreamy Red & Rose valley of Cappadocia.

Imagine a landscape covered under a blanket of hundreds of soft-hued rock formations, carved out by nature in the most impossible shapes. Honeycombed hills are situated playfully juxtaposed fairy chimneys, creating a surreal sight.

Created in the early miocene era (10 million years ago), the pastel-toned and organic shaped valleys were sculpted by the eruptions of volcanoes. They were formed by erosion of the tufa layer, as a result of wind and flood water running down the slopes of the valleys.

While the erosion continues reshaping the valleys in slow-motion today, we were happy to capture the current shapes and colouring on film.

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