Marrakech, Morocco

“There are certain places on the surface of the earth that possess more magic than others, and one of those places is Marrakech" - Paul Bowles In the middle of the 11th century Marrakech consisted only of a fortress, the Kasbah, founded by a Berber tribe from the Atlas mountains. Brick by brick a city carrying a mythical sort of magic arises, with red-tinted houses that reflect the light like rose quartz gems. With this one underlying design principle named red sandstone, remarkable squares, gardens and mosques were build and Marrakech became the Red City.

Marrakech is a city that heightens your senses constantly. The colors of the buildings, the smell and taste of the oriental food, even the feel of the materials the Boucharouite carpets are woven from. Fortunately, Marrakech is also a city that harbors a lot of places that offer a serene moment of quit to collect ones bearings. Welcoming places such as palaces, gardens, roof-top terraces, hamams and Riads (traditional Moroccan houses).

​​​​​Since the Middle Ages the Royal Cities of Morocco are raising a certain fascination and imagination. It is not just the melodious names (Marrakech, Fes, Rabat, Casablanca) that contribute to this oriental depiction. It's the palaces, the camels, the belly dancers and everything that helps painting the picture of a mythical Arabian dream. Having experienced Marrakech firsthand, we believe the city’s cultural heritage is visible in far more then fairy-like palaces and camel rides – it’s in the smell of the aromatic tagine dishes, the craftsmanship of the Moroccan artisans and the djellaba’s and kaftans the Marrakchi wear.


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