LRNCE, Marrakech

Colors, graphics and materials. Those are the words that pop up when we think of the talented Laurence Leenaert, who designs textile-and-more with her label LRNCE. Her work reminds of the traditional artisanship of the Middle East and North Africa, and that is not without a reason. In fact, every blanket, pillow and porcelain cup is handcrafted in one of the most beautiful cities of Morocco: Marrakech.

Laurence's place is tucked away in the chaotic maze of the old Medina, which made it a mammoth task to get there. At least for us. Laurence seemed to move through the city as if it was her hometown, ignoring the hustle and bustle of the Souk (market) and introducing us to locals. The Life of Laurence reads like an Eastern fairytale. With just about five-hundred euros in her pocket, Laurence decided to exchange her comfortable life in Gent for the dazzling Marrakech to expand her label and discover working with new materials.

Since then no day has been the same for Laurence: from meeting up with local artisans and photographing her friends for her label, to making pottery and exploring the Moroccan desert. If she doesn’t feel like going out she curls up on the couch of her charming Riad with her handiwork “like an old granny”.

​​When we asked Laurence about the things she misses most she gave us her answer with full conviction: Family, Friends and Food. Though we couldn’t imagine missing our Dutch mashed potatoes and overcooked vegetables in a country with such a flavorful cuisine, we started wondering what it was like moving to a city that is only three hours away but feels like a world of difference.

​​​All the more inspiring it was to have a peek inside the dynamic habitat Laurence created for herself. Thank you!

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