Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech

In a city where almost all buildings are painted red, the Jardin Majorelle is a blue enlightening that is unique in its kind. Created by the French artist Jacques Majorelle, the garden looks like it is composed and colored like one of his orientalist watercolor paintings. Characterized by a vivid hue of blue with various shades of orange and yellow, Majorelle captured the colors and the spirit of the Berber culture in his artworks. And after forty years of hard work and dedication we can experience his most captivating artwork firsthand. We can walk around the twelve-acre long garden, amazed by the various plants he collected, and imagining ourselves paddling on the edge of the marble pool. For a period of time, the Jardin Majorelle was home to Yves Saint-Laurent who discovered the garden in the 60’s during his first stay in Marrakech. Together with his partner Pierre Berge he couldn’t resist the seductive oasis where bright, primary colors mixed with those of nature. At the time the garden was already open for public, yet it was always empty. The couple decided to restore and enhance the place and it became not only their home but also their constant source of inspiration.

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