Fundación César Manrique, Lanzarote

Adrift in the endless navy surface of the Atlantic Ocean is Lanzarote; an island with the most extraordinary geology we've ever been able to admire.

Almost as intriguing as the lunar landscape, is one of the island’s most renown figures: César Manrique (1919 – 1992). He was a painter, sculptor, architect, ecologist and monument preserver; he was a visionary artist who defined Lanzarote as it stands today.

Throughout the whole island, César’s simple yet voluminous architectural creations can be found. One of his first and most fascinating bodies of work is Taro de Tahíche, the home he built himself on a river of lava, with large bubbles he converted into spaces – terraces, beautiful gardens and a swimming pool.

César created with respect for traditional proportions, in harmony with that what already existed. His house is a fine example of his philosophy of composition; the space harmoniously integrates into the natural setting of Lanzarote.

A little bit overwhelmed by the architectural beauty of César's legacy, we turned our lenses towards the beautiful space the Spanish visionary once called his home.

“For me, Lanzarote is the most beautiful place on earth and I realize that if they were capable of seeing the island through my eyes, then they would think like me”

– César Manrique

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