Atelier Paradis, Amsterdam

Welome to Atelier Paradis - a studio, boutique and the creative world of Dutch designer Patricia Hofstede.

Atelier Paradis is housed in a small space, complemented by the charm of Amsterdam's oldest neighbourhood: the Jordaan. Greeted by a palmtree outside the store, we enter the place in awe. As we wander around, we suddenly feel this tendency to experience and touch every object, and every material.

It is certain that founder Patricia Hofstede follows her own path, and values colour, patterns and symbolism to create uniquely designed pieces. Contrary to her former label Bravoure, Atelier Paradis comprises a more quiet form of beauty. Unveiling an array of clothing pieces made from natural fabrics such as raw silk, wool and linen. With her label, the self-thought talent decided to focus on the essence of creation, instead of continuing in the fast rythm of fashion. She is less concerned with the aesthetic value of fashion, yet all the more with the sociological and material connections. A philosophy that is truly prevalent in everything she creates.

The most intimate corner is found in the back of the store, where Patricia works on a variety of ongoing projects: from designing theatrical costumes to collaborations in the fields of arts and music. Surrounded by objects that give away her interest in these disciplines, such as a beautiful wooden lute and hand painted textiles.

Visiting Patricia's multi-sensory space was a truly soothing experience; a reflection of the woman behind the work: warm, eclectic and enlightening.

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