Adiuvantes, Amsterdam

Just like a series of photographs is telling a story, every clothing piece or object covers a chapter as well. We surround ourselves with objects, sometimes unaware of history or origin. Where does it come from? Who made it? And why should we cherish it? With her store Adiuvantes, Femke Mulder aims to narrate the journey of every garment she curates.

​​​​Adiuvantes is located in the middle of Amsterdam's Red Light Disctrict, which seems a contradiction in terms. Nevertheless, the small space seems to blend in just fine.

With the initiation of Adiuvantes, Femke satisfied her long-held ambition of opening her own store, after years of traveling the world and crossing paths with other cultures and design disciplines. She felt something was missing in Amsterdam's monotonous retail landscape, and decided to make her foray into the Dutch fashion scene.

​The name Adiuvantes is originated from the Latin word for 'collaboration', something that includes a big part of Femke's philosophy. She values working close together with smaller brands that have the same approach to design: honest, pure and with great respect for nature. With brands such as Anaak, Base Range, St.agni and Atelier Paradis, Adiuvantes is supportive of local artistry as well as globally sourced labels.

Stepping inside, we are welcomed by warm light, earthy colours and a subtle hint of a delicate aroma notable in the air. Every clothing piece and object in the room demands our attention, and we naturally slow down our step to observe and interact with the various materials and objects. Taking part in the dialogue of Adiuvantes.

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