Yoli & Otis, Canggu Bali

Yoli & Otis is a delightful celebration of minimal design and aesthetics sourced from nature. Dreamed up a couple of years ago by Lena Catterick and her partner, out of a love for sustainable design and natural materials. With parents that were among the first drift of hippie travellers to visit Bali, it was only a matter of time before the couple opened up a brick-and-mortar store in the south coast of the island.

Yoli & Otis’ philosophy is simple but forceful. Its ethos eschews the concept of disposable fashion; natural materials such as linen and pure cotton abound. Time and skill are invested in the dying of textiles, using herbs such as Turmeric, Henna and Indigo sourced from India.

The store feels like a natural extension to both the brand and the founder’s beliefs and lifestyle. With light-filled corners and an uncluttered décor, it offers a moment of respite from the busy Canggu streets.

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