Coffee Sometime, Amsterdam

​A singular spark of Scandinavian minimalism settled down in the heart of Amsterdam. Persuaded by the fragrant aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the air, we slow down our pass to warm welcome this new local charm to the city’s café culture.

Coffee Sometime is an inspiring hub for coffee aficionado’s all around, gathering to fill the air with the sounds of clanging coffee spoons and spirited conversation. But not only the attention of coffee seekers is captured – the café additionally serves to the design enthusiast with its elegant interior choices and uplifting ambiance.

In a swift glance, the large window reveals a decor of black metal bistro tables complemented by blonde-wooden spindle chairs. Intrigued by this visual appetizer, we enter the place to discover a little haven of minimalist design. On the menu: an iconic lightning installation by Muller van Severen and ceramic creations by local makers, blended with a Danish touch from Frama.

Every item is hand-picked by Yulia Nenadic, the soulful source behind Coffee Sometime. Her pursuit of quality and character breaths in everything; from carefully selected table wear and pastries, to the one thing that resonates most with her: coffee.

Thank you Yulia, for sharing your innate love for coffee and design. But also for giving us a reason to finally ‘grab that coffee, sometime’.

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