Mansur Gavriel, Soho New York

In the dapper Soho neighbourhood, one can enter the dreamy world of Mansur Gavriel - elegant, sophisticated and pink. Dazzling pink. Established by founders Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, the store opened its doors in 2016 as a pop-up venture, but decided to keep their sign on the wall until recently. Feeling happy to have visit the store just in time, as Mansur announced their closing date a couple of days ago.

Let us say, the dreamy pop-up lives up to all expectations. The clean, architectural lines of Mansur's significant leather bags find their resemblance in the playful shapes of the interior. Every detail is thought through; the products are organised by colour, presented as art objects against blush-toned walls. To suit the boutique’s feminine footprint, wildflowers are arranged on equally colourful tables.

At the end of the store, more pastels appear in the form of a dressing room - a small lounge complemented by a soft furry carpet that makes you want to take of your shoes off right away to try on one of Mansur's suede mules.

The effort and attention that went into the space is truly tangible, and it is what makes us look forward to experience more of Mansur Gavriel’s brick-and-mortar identity.

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