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About Joko

Joko is an Amsterdam based journal and creative studio, specializing in branding and content creation.

Initiated by Debbie Trouerbach and Edith Scharloo, who teamed up to pour their creativity into concepts and to share their vision with

like-minded people and brands. The duo complements each other with Debbie's background in art-direction and photography and Edith's experience in creative writing and styling.  














The studio 

Joko is a creative studio specialized in developing a brand's identity throughout words and visuals. With a fresh perspective and with great enthusiasm, we aim to connect brands with their audience. We do this by creating appealing content that communicates everything a brand wants to say, using diverse communication tools such as a website, social media, visual identity or photography.  



Our intuitive understanding of trends and knowledge of digital culture is fundamental for everything we do. It allows us to fully understand the field we are serving and come up with concepts that help brands develop a new, noteworthy identity. 


As an independent journal we create and share visuals and

stories about the places we go to, the things we use and the cozy people we meet. We aim to uncover everything honest, creative and fun. 

Curious to see what Studio Joko can mean for you? Let's talk :-)